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Tiffany Rockstroh


Tiffany Rockstroh started her career in the financial industry in 1999, where she developed a knack as a branch turnaround specialist, turning non-producing branches into profitable sales machines. Her nonstop attitude allowed her to break into various high net-worth client markets, which allowed her to easily step into her next role of Private Banker, in multiple markets in Northeast Ohio. In August of 2010, she eagerly accepted the position to lead and develop Private Banking for a small turn-around bank. During the seven years as Director of Private Banking, she grew her private banking department into a profitable center for the bank, adding more than $700K to the bottom line of the bank.

Her most recent role as President of The Preferred Legacy National Trust Bank has allowed her to focus on what she does best, servicing her clients. Her team works for clients as a conduit to their financial partners. Generally, they work with high net-worth clients to simplify their everyday life. They take into consideration the clients' full balance sheet while working to increase their wealth and helping them mitigate their way through the red tape of finance. Her team places the focus on service, and their motto is: life is tough, finances shouldn't be.

Tiffany is actively involved in her local community and currently is a member of the Women’s Impact Group and the treasurer of the Jackson Township Rotary Club.

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