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How We Work with Clients


Having an individualized plan is essential—it helps direct The Preferred Legacy Trust Company towards meeting your long-term goals. We place significant emphasis and care on understanding your personal objectives to create a plan which will work toward achieving your dreams and building your legacy.  

Step 2

Meet with your team at The Preferred Legacy Trust Company to discuss your goals and objectives.

Step 3

Identify your current advisors and professionals to determine how The Preferred Legacy Trust Company can complement your existing team of professionals.

Step 4

Your dedicated professional reviews the facts, your goals, and objectives, formulating a strategic plan customized directly for you! 

Step 5

Discuss and agree upon a set of strategic initiatives that align with your goals and dreams. 

Step 6

Communicate all life changes to your professional team along the way.

Step 7

Sit back and relax while the professionals at The Preferred Legacy Trust Company help you build your legacy. 

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