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Comprehensive Family Planning and Advisory Services


When the situation arises of navigating family dynamics as they relate to estate planning, The Preferred Legacy National Trust’s advisors have you covered. An independent third-party brings impartial advice to the table, allowing your family to understand your plan without emotions that can sometimes interfere. We work alongside your legal advisors to lead you through the estate planning process, assuring a robust plan to fulfill your wishes and the knowledge that your family will have a loyal team of advisors for generations to come.

Bank Advisory

At The Preferred Legacy National Trust Bank, we value your time and energy. When it comes to finding a better solution for your financial situation, we understand how time consuming it can be to find the right answer for your unique circumstances. Our bank advisory program provides you with independent advice to help alleviate the stress of determining which banking services align with your goals and objectives . Our holistic and all-inclusive approach gives us the ability to work independently with any bank in your community to uncover the best rates for deposits and loans—all while bringing these opportunities directly to you, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most. 


With this kind of approach, your bank advisor can stay as involved in the process as you see fit. From the moment we are brought on board, our goal is to assist our clients from start to finish with both their personal and business banking needs. While some clients prefer that we remain as the primary contact to the bank, it’s just as common for others to continue handling their day-to-day banking following the initial introduction. No matter the type of relationship you are interested in maintaining, we’re able to leverage our expertise to provide you with a comprehensive solution that encompasses the nuances of your unique situation.


Our Preferred Legacy bank advisors offer peace of mind when it comes to knowing that you and your finances are in the best of hands that the market has to offer. Equipped with the highest-quality industry knowledge and wealth of experience, your Preferred Legacy bank advisor will work hand-in-hand with the bank of your choosing to keep your assets safe and secure, while you focus on preserving your roots to grow your legacy.


Family Business Advisory

Operating a family business can often produce challenges that are drastically different from those dealt with by non-family owned businesses. Often, the family business owner is dealing with the daily demands of managing and growing their business and does not have the opportunity to address the myriad of situations facing their company until circumstances bring them to light. Whether it be succession planning, or an offer to purchase is on the table for consideration, family business owners can often benefit from a trusted advisor who can supply guidance and support through these situations.

As a member of the CRI Family of Companies, The Preferred Legacy National Trust Bank’s advisors can leverage their relationships with their various business partners to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of your business, whether it be through financial consulting services, succession planning, or even transaction assistance. Every effort is made to establish a beneficial relationship with an advisor that most closely meets the goals of you and your family business. Our professionals provide solutions and walk alongside you to obtain the assistance required, from adding capital through a debt solution or capital raise or even facilitating the best time to sell or merge your business.

The Preferred Legacy National Trust Bank’s advisors possess a broad range of experience supporting individuals and families for generations. Our holistic approach to family business advisory services allows us the perspective needed to help you make decisions regarding a wide range of company matters. Our proactive planning can address all facets of your business, eliminating the worries that can inevitably occur when a situation might arise, allowing you the time to focus on your business and growing your legacy for years to come.

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