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Household Financial Management


Preferred Legacy Trust Company offers full-spectrum household financial management services that are truly customized to meet your family’s unique needs. Our advisors can assume the clerical responsibilities of daily household finance—from paying monthly and annual bills to working with household staff, coordinating insurance coverage, and managing all household activity.


Beyond the administrative daily household management tasks, our team of advisors is also equipped in coordinating special purchases—from fine art to homes and vehicles, as well as planning travel. Our Real Estate Advisory services also guarantee your property management is operating efficiently, and we will work hand-in-hand with your realtor to establish a successful plan when buying or selling real estate.


Preferred Legacy Trust Company advisors can also help you navigate the challenges that inevitably arise from changing circumstances and financial needs as your family members grow and age. With our advisors by your side handling your household financial management, you can focus on what counts—preserving your roots to grow your legacy.

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