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Jeffrey Hall

Executive Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer

Jeff is a Senior Trust Advisor with The Preferred Legacy National Trust Bank. Before joining The Preferred Legacy National Trust Bank, he spent time working for private law firms as well as national banks. In private practice at the law firms of AlerStallings LLC and DayKetterer Ltd., Jeff worked with clients and their families to create custom, highly detailed estate plans. These plans included traditional revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, asset protection trusts, complex tax plans, and business succession plans. He also assisted with the creation of financial and healthcare directives. In addition to this work, Jeff has served as a Fiduciary Advisor at PNC Bank, N/A. During his time at the bank, Jeff served as trustee and agent on high-net-worth trust and investment management accounts. His unique experience working in both settings makes him an ideal fit to serve clients at Preferred Legacy. 

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