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Preserve Your Roots.

Grow Your Legacy.

Preserving your family's legacy can mean a range of different things: compiling stories and photographs, as well as memorializing beliefs and achievements for the benefit of future generations. More than just an effort to pass down hard-earned knowledge to these future generations, these attempts promise that our legacy will live on long after we are gone. In providing a means for the legacy to continue, often a family's wealth comes into play, and more specifically, how we manage the complex administrative tasks that come with wealth preservation. 


Comprehensive Family Planning & Advisory Services

Household Financial Management

Family Stewardship & Philanthropy

Fiduciary Services

What do our clients say about us?

"When we sold our business to a private equity group, it happened quickly. We had planned on working longer. But now what to do? Our accountant suggested Preferred Legacy Trust help us. Tiffany Rockstroh has helped to guide our financial retirement plan. They have assisted us with our budget, estate, insurance protection, and tax planning. From deciding when to start drawing on Social Security to finding us a construction loan for our new home, Tiffany and the Preferred Legacy team have been there for us.

We are very satisfied with the job they have done and recommend them to others."

Bob and Marilyn M.

"We recently switched our company 401(k) plan to Preferred Legacy Trust. I was truly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. Our transition was smooth, and very happy with the products and services they have provided. Their team is responsive and thorough."

Rob S.

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